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Client Success Spotlight: Alpha Transcription

GCARL started the year off with a victorious bang for a client, Alpha Transcription, in a “Bet the Company” protest. If Alpha Transcription lost it could have been devastating for them. The Transcription Services Industry and Market is hi… Read More
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GCARL Goes "LIVE ON THE AIR" Dec. 12th

On Monday, Dec. 12th at 1130am ET Carl Gebo, President & Founder of the Government Contractors Assistance & Resource Line LLC (GCARL), will appear on the Veterans Connect Radio Show of Atlanta Business Radio (http://atlantabusinessradio.busin… Read More
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GCARL Offers 2016 NVSBE Special Pricing

To Celebrate the 2016 NVSBE and GCARL’s participation as an Exhibitor and Learning Session Presenter, GCARL is offering Special Discounted Pricing on all GCARL Subscription Membership levels available through its website: https://www.gcarl.com/… Read More
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School's in Session at 2016 NVSBE

GCARL will be taking on one of the more contentious topics during its Learning Session Presentation on “Subcontracting Limitations: The New Math” on Thursday, Nov. 3rd at 9:00am – 9:45am at the 2016 National Veterans Small Business… Read More
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GCARL & The Fringe Benefit Group at NVSBE 2016

GCARL is honored that Nathaniel Peniston, Vice President of The Fringe Benefit Group will be co-presenting on the topic of “Prevailing & Minimum Wage Advanced Compliance Strategies: Using Fringe Benefit Requirements to Create Workforce Valu… Read More
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".... They're So Hot Right Now"

Mentor-Protege, Teaming, and Joint Ventures could there be ANY topics more hot in Government Contracts right now?!?! And GCARL could not be more excited that the VA has chosen us to present a Learning Session on this important topic at the 2016 NVSBE… Read More
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GCARL Presents on "Ostensible Subcontractor Rule" at NVSBE 2016

“That’s How They Getchya”– The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule – The VA honored GCARL by selecting GCARL Contributors Rod Hagen and GCARL President Carl Gebo to reprise their popular presentation on the troublesome affiliation rul… Read More
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With Veterans Day nearing, GCARL is attending the US Department of Veterans Affairs annual event supporting small businesses owned by Veterans and Service-Disabled Veterans – the National Veterans Small Business Engagement 2016. https://nvsbe16.myb… Read More
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"That's How They Getch Ya"

GCARL presents on the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA starting at 4:15pm on Wednesday, Nov. 18th. Come by our Exhibitor Booth # 328 and schedule a time for a GCARL Test Drive … Read More
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GCARL Nov. 17th Learning Sessions at 2015 NVSBE in Pittsburgh

GCARL will present 2 Learning Sessions on Tuesday, Nov. 17th at the NVSBE 2015 in Pittsburgh. The first Learning Session, entitled 1+1=$$$ or How to Make Teaming Agreements, JVs, & Mentor-Protege Pay Off for Small Businesses, will start at 11:10A… Read More
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