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GCARL Nov. 17th Learning Sessions at 2015 NVSBE in Pittsburgh

GCARL will present 2 Learning Sessions on Tuesday, Nov. 17th at the NVSBE 2015 in Pittsburgh. The first Learning Session, entitled 1+1=$$$ or How to Make Teaming Agreements, JVs, & Mentor-Protege Pay Off for Small Businesses, will start at 11:10AM in Room 323.

Here's a synopsis: To succeed in the Government Contracting Market, a small business has to have an edge over its competition. To get that edge often requires leveraging the resources, skills, and abilities of strategic partners. Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Mentor-Protégé Programs are three (3) methods that small businesses can use to form those crucial strategic partnerships that will lead to subcontracts and to the award of prime government contracts. By properly forming and using these strategic partnerships, small business government contractors can Win, Keep, and Profit from Government Contracts that they’d be unable to qualify for by themselves.

This session will ensure that you know how to structure these arrangements while maintaining actual ownership and control of your small business and compliance with governing laws and regulations. And you will learn to identify the “strategic moments” for using each of these powerful methods.

GCARL's second Learning Session on Tuesday, Nov. 17th, entitled SDVOSB Joint Venture Verification - Engage Strategically or Not at All, will start at 4:15pm in Room 415.

Here's a synopsis of that Learning Session: Whether as a stand-alone session or as a follow-on to our session on Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Mentor-Protégés; this session is intended to specifically address Joint Ventures and recommended procedures for full compliance with the VA’s requirements for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Joint Ventures. Beyond the basic requirements of VA Information Letter IL 049-06-4, 38 CFR §74.3, and 13 CFR §125.15; this session will delve deeper into the contents of the Joint Venture agreement, the implications to the verification process, lessons-learned from the presenters’ personal experiences with SDVOSB JVs, and recent case-studies and decisions.

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