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GCARL Presents on "Ostensible Subcontractor Rule" at NVSBE 2016

"That's How They Getchya"– The Ostensible Subcontractor Rule – The VA honored GCARL by selecting GCARL Contributors Rod Hagen and GCARL President Carl Gebo to reprise their popular presentation on the troublesome affiliation rule that keeps tripping up so many small businesses on set aside procurements. Nothing "kills the thrill" of a Notice of Award like a Notice of a Size Protest. And nothing is worse than losing that award because the Small Business Administration Area Office or the Office of Hearing and Appeals determines that your small business was "unusually reliant" on your subcontractor. By knowing how to see and avoid the traps for the unwary, GCARL will help you steer clear of that "Ostensible" Obstacle. If you are attending the NVSBE 2016, then please come on by our Learning Session in Meeting Room 200-H on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd 10:05am - 10:50am.

And Don't Forget to Visit Us in our Exhibitor Booth # 102.

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